Monday, January 26, 2009

Things a lady should know...

Due to popular demand Monday is now officially Things A Lady Would Like To Know Concerning Domestic Management day.

Todays insightful tip:

A woman has a duty to ensure she has the right knowledge to manage a house and be responsible for her husbands worldly go0ds. A woman who has not this knowledge has no more right to marry then a man would have to accept a post for duties of which he was quite ignorant.

Get to it ladies, go polish your mans frypan, hurry up, quickly now, dont keep him waiting.


  1. By those standards, I'm never getting married! I can't believe it's from the 1970s! It sounds more like 1940s/50s. Pretty scary to think that's probably plenty of men like that too, eek!

  2. Hehehe I shall be sure to 'tune in' every Monday for my next lesson in domestic training:) Polishing as we speak sweetie.....

  3. I'll be here Mondays too... nothing short of a giggle.


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