Saturday, January 10, 2009

Its time to choose colours...

2008 saw the year of the mass house internal renovation (you can read all about it here, here and here) and 2009 is going to be the year of the outside renovation. A new veranda, new awnings, an additional carport, fencing, painting and gardens all to be done!

For the last 18 months every week or so I change my mind about exactly what colour scheme we should do the outside of the house. Obviousally I have quite a love affair with white, so that goes without question, but exactly what to put with the white? Some days I think a dark charcoal blue/black, other days I think a more neutral grey, other days I think, bugger it, lets do it all white!

But after seeing this image on one of my favourite new blogs Brown Button ( my mum will be so chuffed to see her gorgeous gift wrap on Kimberlee's blog!) of this gorgeous house with small touches of black im thinking we go all classic and go black and white, and then mix it with sandstone for the garden beds and driveway and then an abundance of green tropical plants to set it all off??

What do you all think?

Image from Australian Country Style Magazine January 2008 photography by Prue Ruscoe styling by Lara Hutton


  1. I like the idea of white and grey, but I know whatever you do will look great! Also a special message to all your fellow bloggers for their kind words, I do feel loved!

  2. black and white would be lovely, simple but elegant. gotta be shiny black though, and green waxy leafed plants....and the other thing i love if you are adding grey to it is super buffed, shiny grey for thought....

  3. I adore the white house with the black and white awnings.. have you seen Anna's house over at Absolutely Beautiful Thing?

    She has the black and white awnings as well! Very cool!


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