Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the studio today

Its been another busy busy day here in the studio, but most excitingly our studio walls have started to go up and every three minutes we would get a yell to put on our ear muffs as bam another nail goes into the wall. Its going to be so exciting to have a fully renovated studio to work in. I cannot wait until we get to paint it all white and have flooring underneath. Currently its just concrete and ugh, im not particularly keen on it!

In the meantime we have been adding small touches to make it feel more homely. Our frangipanis we picked last friday are looking beautiful. Slowly they are fading away, but I think they look just gorgeous scattered over our antique print table. What do you think? I cant bring myself to clean them up!


  1. Your flowers are going well if you picked them last Friday! Especially here in our Brisbane heat.

    My little cousin calls them franipangis - she just can't get the order right, and it's so cute!!

    And wow. A brand new fully renovated studio? What a dream!

  2. I love flowers! I can't get enough of them - in the garden or in the house. I agree, fallen flowers are so beautiful.... I must admit a renovated studio sounds wonderful! I'll settle for a small bedroom 'craft space'..... I am posting some pictures on my blog shortly of my new space - your office reno was part of my inspiration!

  3. Oh so pretty. My favourite flower. Your reno sounds so exciting! Lots of photos please! A-M xx

  4. Ahhh there are those frangipanis - wow! You got a few. They look lovely and it is easy to imagine their scent.

  5. It's funny that I found your post about your new studio. My husband and I have been discussing plans for building a new studio in the coming year. The sheer excitement of having a dedicated space for a dark room is almost too much to bear!

    Hope your new studio space serves you well and brings you much inspiration!


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