Friday, July 29, 2011

new instore :: lovely greeting cards

Just a quick blog post to let you know about three new lovely greeting cards we have in store - you can find them here, here and here. They have been letterpress printed on white 100% cotton rag paper and include a brown kraft envelope and available in our online shop for $6 each.

Have a most lovely weekend friends, It is going to be busy busy busy here with our looming photo shoots next week - our renovation works are still in a state of half completeness and the studio is a complete mess. Oh dear, it is going to be a busy weekend indeed!

See you next week lovely friends,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

new instore :: double sided gift wrap

Hello friends! Super exciting news to share with you today - our freshly printed double sided gift wrap is now available in our online store! For quite a few years now we have been working hard on building a sweet range of gift tags and greeting cards, sweet twines and ribbons, but the one thing we really felt that we were missing was beautiful gift wrap to use as a base for all of our pretty bits and bops we have for sale in our shop.

Unfortunately we cannot letterpress gift wrap due to the size of our presses (although it would be quite lovely if we could) so we designed our gift wrap and had them printed at a fabulous offset printery here in Brisbane. Printed on environmentally responsible 100% recycled heavy weight paper, each sheet is printed double sided and satin sealed for a beautiful protective coat to the paper. Each sheet measures 700x490mm in size.

The one thing we were really passionate about was making sure that the wrapping paper not only looked gorgeous once a gift was presented to a lucky recipient, but also making sure that as the gift was opened that a few extra surprises were instore. For this reason we have printed our gift wrap with a different design on each side using gorgeous pantone ink colours.

We have three different sheets in our range:
• The first is a mustard yellow vintage hot air balloon print, coupled with a deep grey zig zag print - view here.
• The second features super sweet vintage dusty pink strawberries coupled with a gorgeous deep brown Kaleidoscope pattern - view here.
• Our third features white polka dots on a watermelon coloured background coupled with a flock of white cranes on a duck egg blue background - view here.

The sheets are available in our online store for $5 each, or you can buy a six pack for $25 here. Our gift wrap will be posted in especially made brown kraft tubes and for a limited time only our gift wrap will be part of our $5 flat rate shipping currently available instore.

We would love to see what you do with our wrapping paper - if you do buy some please do take some photos of how you use it and if we feature it here on our blog we will send you some letterpress goodies to say thank you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

something pretty

Hello friends, How was your weekend? We had a jolly of a time at the beautiful wedding of my fabulous studio girl Megan and her dashing groom Geoff. With a graphic designer bride, you do just know that the styling is going to be simply gorgeous, and Megan certainly did not disappoint! I adored these ribbon wands from the ceremony. So much adored them that they carried on through with us right into the night. Such a sweet idea, lots of fun and fabulous in photography!

Despite a lovely weekend of celebrating, unfortunately these germs of mine are still here and I am running on half capacity - half a days work, followed by half a day sleep. It has become such a predictable routine, I really do not know how I have any sleep left in me.

We have also got studio renovation works in progress (all that builders dust is not good) and with some photo shoots scheduled here for next week it is quite a mad rush to have things looking shiny and clean.

So it really is quite a mad house here at the moment. We thankfully are taking a small break in mid August, lets hope the germs are gone, the builders dust settled and the photo shoots done and dusted (excuse the pun) by then. I am counting down the days!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

what a week.

image found here.
Oh my, what a week. Thank you all for your comments, emails and tweets, this horrible flu sure is not a nice one. I have heard it has been going around a lot lately. The design school which I lecture at two nights a week seems to have been running rife with if of late. Unfortunately when the flu strikes it seems to hit my poor lungs the worst and result in the evil return of my not nice friend Asthma. I have been working hard to keep on top of it, as trips to emergency are not fun at all. I am contemplating a flu shot next year, have you had one? do they work?

Have you any weekend plans? Other then trying to rid of this flu for once and for all, Mr H and I are most excited as my dear friend and amazing graphic designer assistant here in the studio is to be married to a beautiful man on Saturday. How we love a good wedding!

I will also be dreaming of beautiful big old floor boards and empty white spaces. I have loved this image above for so very long. I imagine laying on those timber floors and admiring the white space above, turning my head to the left admiring those great big skirting boards and then my head to the right where no doubt Ruby Tuesday would have made herself at home on that shaggy rug. Oh it is pretty much a perfect room in my eyes (other then the light fitting, a dramatic vintage chandelier would do the trick nicely).

Have a lovely weekend friends, hopefully you are healthy and well and steering clear of these naughty germs


p.s beautiful posts on beautiful blogs here and here this week - thank you guys!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello friends, I hope that you are all well. Unfortunately the flu I have been fighting off for weeks, has now settled in with a vengeance. Little Ruby and I have been the only ones in the studio of late and I do wish we could just run away together. We would head off to the family farm, lay under those great big trees and get bathed in country sunlight and fresh air. We would admire the gardens, talk to the cows and have some hearty country food made by my beautiful mum. Wouldn't that be so lovely? You can come too if you like. I promise I won't spread my germs, the country air will have made them all magically disappear.


Friday, July 15, 2011

eye candy

Are you an interior blog stalker? I sure do suffer from this addictive past time and today wanted to share some of my latest blogs reads with you.

The stunning above image (could I ever be so brave as to wallpaper a ceiling? It looks amazing!) was found via Gramercy blog which in turn was found via The House of Turquoise blog. From Tasmania I have been drooling over Marley and Lockyer blog and from New Hampshire, United States I have been gobsmacked by this amazing kitchen demolition and rebuild from For The Love of House Blog - aw-inspiring stuff!

Have a most lovely weekend friends. Here in the studio we have some client meetings and then with our super busy print schedule at the moment we will be printing for most of the weekend. Hopefully your weekend is a little less busy - we hope that you can relax and enjoy it!


p.s we are having an ebay sell off over here. If your a magazine collector or need some furniture you might just score a bargain!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

dear blog

Dear lovely blog, we apologise, you do seem to suffer a lot of late. We have be so busy that some days it is just so hard to find the time to come love you like you deserve. You are a lovely sweet friend, and we really should find more time in our day for you. May we offer you some pretty envelope liners to make up for it? xox

Monday, July 11, 2011

the design files

Oh my, today we have been featured on one of my all time favourite Australian design blogs The Design Files. It tickles me pink to see our goodies gracing their pages not once but twice in one day here and here. Goodness, I think I am blushing.

Friday, July 8, 2011

have a lovely weekend!

Happy weekend my sweets, I sure do hope that it is lovely!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"you're a whole lot of lovely" limited edition prints

Today we are excited to finally let you know about our new limited edition letterpress prints! For some time we have been wanting to design a print which would make a lovely gift for beautiful friends, gorgeous family and those who surround our lives with their loveliness. We wanted the design to be simple, but stunning at the same time. We ended up designing a diagonal pinstripe background which we combined with gorgeously crafted typography.

We have printed this print in two lovely colourways - Mustard Yellow & Grey, and Frost Blue & Grey. Each colourway has been printed in a limited edition run of 150 prints.

These prints have been printed on our antique letterpress printing presses on 100% cotton rag paper in a white colour. The prints measure 8.5" x 11'' in size. They have been designed to suit a 8" x 10" large photo size mount, so they are super easy to find frames to suit (nothing worse then pesky framing costs!).

The prints are $45 each and are available through our online store here.

And into news of our giveaway, we were overwhelmed by all your gorgeous comments and messages of letterpress love! We used a random number generator to draw two random numbers to win our giveaway...

Congratulations to Helen who said "Looking forward to seeing the new print - I'm sure it will be beautiful!" you have won the very first print off the press (number 1 of 150) of our Frost Blue Print. And the winner of number 1 of 150 print of our Mustard Yellow print is Jane Yoo who said "Sounds awesome! :)".

Congratulations ladies, we sure do hope that you can find somewhere lovely for your new prints!

p.s Helen if you can drop us a line we will arrange shipping of your print, we unfortunately cannot gain any contact details off your comment!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

giveaway ends tonight!

Just a quick reminder that our giveaway ends tonight. Head over here and leave a comment to win the very first print off the press from our latest limited edition print launching tomorrow. And the good news? we now have two prints available to be won! We ended up printing our new print in two colour ways (a sneaky peak at one above), so we have two first prints from the edition available to be won. Quickly quickly, the giveaway ends at midnight tonight!

Monday, July 4, 2011

thank you brisbane!

What an amazing weekend we had at the Brisbane Finders Keepers - Brisbane you sure are lovely, we love living here!

I took a whole heap of photos to share with you - I wanted to show you my favourite stalls Hideyo, Loose Leaf Paper and Old Yarns, as well as the fabulous Photo Booth set up by Feather and Stone Photography. However my beloved camera had other ideas as every, single, bloody photo was blurry. So unfortunately, until I can send you in the direction to view others photos, you will just have to imagine how amazing the weekend was. edit: thank you to our lovely friends you can view images here from Loose Leaf Papers and the official Finders Keepers photos by Mark Lobo here.

If you popped by, said hello, or bought a few goodies, thank you so much - your love and support is overwhelming, I honestly cannot thank you enough!!


Photo by Mark Lobo.

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