Friday, July 15, 2011

eye candy

Are you an interior blog stalker? I sure do suffer from this addictive past time and today wanted to share some of my latest blogs reads with you.

The stunning above image (could I ever be so brave as to wallpaper a ceiling? It looks amazing!) was found via Gramercy blog which in turn was found via The House of Turquoise blog. From Tasmania I have been drooling over Marley and Lockyer blog and from New Hampshire, United States I have been gobsmacked by this amazing kitchen demolition and rebuild from For The Love of House Blog - aw-inspiring stuff!

Have a most lovely weekend friends. Here in the studio we have some client meetings and then with our super busy print schedule at the moment we will be printing for most of the weekend. Hopefully your weekend is a little less busy - we hope that you can relax and enjoy it!


p.s we are having an ebay sell off over here. If your a magazine collector or need some furniture you might just score a bargain!


  1. I am interior addict too! The wallpaper is the first thing that caught my eye in this image, looks great :)

  2. How gorgeous! I'm loving the wall paper too! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  3. I am a total interior junkie, I stalk many blogs, many magazines and my pinterest is so full of interior shots. I love the image, I want it..


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