Monday, June 30, 2008

Mail Love

I have always loved receiving mail.

As a kid, I collected numerous pen pals. I would find random kids at caravan parks and hotels and would befriend them purely to make them become my pen pals. Most were obliging, some only survived a few letters - one hardcore writer lasted from when I was 8 to 14. I got bored eventually. She had discovered boys. I had yet not joined her and the letter box love fazed away.

The whole excitement of finding something in the mail box has never dwindled. The joy of coming home to parcels awaiting at the doorstep brings an unexpected joy.

This decorated parcel arrived just the other day from NA graphics Colorado, USA. Full of letterpress creasing matrixes, scoring rules, gauge pins and oiled tympan paper - all packaged in a beautiful collection of postage stamps. I love a well traveled parcel and this one made my day!

New from Nantaka Joy

Im absolutely loving Joy's Nature Story Collection which features metallic foiled cards on raw card stock - Such a beautifully gorgeous idea!

I don't think I could possibly choose a favourite... luckily you can get a set of four for just $16.50. Im in love!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Its been a gorgeous winters day here in Brisbane, 20'c, a walk to the beach with Ruby our dog, and a spot of renovating. I love weekends :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

I heart this Kitchen

The one room in our house we are yet to tackle is the Kitchen. The most important room - the room to cook, the room to laugh and the room that is smack bang in the middle of our house.

I love this kitchen above, its glass cabinets and full length height - it would go perfectly in our white colonial styled home. I would love to hear if any one knows of any Australian companies who design similar kitchens. The gorgeous kitchen above is by American company Black Cove Cabinetry

Deck Love

My Husband and I have great plans for our timber house one day. Its a 1935 timber Queenslander, one street back from beautiful Moreton Bay. We dream about the day in which we build a big white grand rear deck that over looks the water and would be perfect for our warm Queensland weather.

And the very first thing I will be rushing out to buy is one of these gorgeous Chesapeake Hanging Loungers from Pottery Barn. I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place to lay and enjoy the gentle sounds of the water, drink my favourite Lime Perrier and sketch away all day. Bliss!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello & Welcome...

Bespoke - a beautifully old word which means to custom make, beautifully suited to the old world art form that is letterpress.

Bespoke Press is a Brisbane (Australia) based letterpress and design company. Inspired by a love of beautifully rich papers, decadent and intricate designs, and a love for all that is handmade and created - Bespoke Press is company founded with love.

Established by Alischa Herrmann a
highly established Graphic Designer - Bespoke came into fruition after a 1000km sea change to warmer weathers, a rumbling old timber house by the sea and the dream that Letterpress should never become a dying artform.

Letterpress here in Australia isn't an easy thing... Presses are incredibly few and far between and everything needs to be imported into the country. It has taken Bespoke Press several years of hard searching to welcome into our home a 1893 Chandler and Price Oldstyle 8x12, a 1950 Chandler and Price Pilot 8x11 and the little baby of the family an Adana 5x8 Tabletop.

This blog will be a journey inside of Bespoke as well as all the other beautiful things in life which inspire us! Beautiful design, gorgeous homewares, furniture design & restoration, interior design, wonderful memories and beautiful locations around the world.

Welcome to our journey, we hope that it too will inspire you to live a beautiful life.

x Alischa

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