Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye Hvar

Today we say goodbye to Hvar. An island full of divine hotels and a harbour full of impressive yachts. This island is defiantly Croatias hub for the rich and beautiful. Of course of which, we are neither so we have sat in the shadows and people watched the beautiful people on holiday.

We managed to find quite a lovely guesthouse here in Hvar for 35Euro per night. Run by a gorgeous young couple and their very cute son (who took a liking to my husband, grabbed his finger and then dragged him across their living room and pointed out a tiny bug!). We definatly recomend Hektorovic House, it is in a fabulous location and being a 13th century stone house is defintaly something very out of the ordinary for us Australians.

My husband is entertained by the number of people who have holidayed overseas here with their dogs, and we are not just talking the locals! Now i must admit we too do holiday with our dog ( when we travel within Australia that is) but what lucky pooches travelling the world!

I was quite amused on our ferry trip here that you are allowed to keep your dog on the ferry deck off lead. But then when in the saloon of the boat you must keep you dog muzzled whilst indoors with you. Of course, how could we have ever thought other wise!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Korcula, Croatia is a gorgeous Dalmatian island. Home to summer resorts for Croatians and Europeans it has a divine marina and is a most peaceful resort town. Being Autumn now it has a distinctly village feel with very few other tourists around - not that we mind much, it is incredibly peaceful and so very laid back!

Our hotel has a most inviting pool and our hotel is right on the waters edge with gorgeous crystal green waters and stone beaches (a strange sight for us sand loving Australians!) - If only it was slightly warmer, you would not get me out of such gorgeous seas. Small wooden boats sit lined up along the foreshore and sleepy locals meander the streets on their scooters.

We had a most amazing lunch today, Dining in the main old town of Korcula on the waters edge we had bread and hommus, antipasto meats and cheese, mixed salad and satued potatoes with mineral water for the grand sum of Au$31. Simply divine and an ideal location for a lazy lunch!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dubrovnik by night #2

Dubrovnik by night #1

By night the walled Old Town comes alive with bustling open air restaurants which is remarkably affordable (Au$35 seafood dinner for two in the main square). The kittens hover around your table hoping for scraps, and a local dog who seems to be everyone's pet makes his night bed on a couch out the front of a divine outdoor bar. The town lights up with antique street lights and locals eat at small tiny outdoor restaurants where only one table fits in the alleyway. An orchestra plays as part of a festival and musicians stroll the streets with musical cases in hand.

By late at night the whole town becomes deserted with a few residents shuffling there way through the ancient city and sliding into doorways to their homes. This is the most magical time to stroll the city - well lit with many back lanes to explore its incredibly safe and romantic and perfect for a midnight stroll.

Dubrovnik by day

Dubrovnik (Croatia) is a fairy-tale town known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. With cobbled back lanes, narrow steep alleys and kittens playing playfully in the streets this town is incredibly seductive. By far this is the most amazing city I have ever visited.

The walled city of Dubrovnik was built in the 15th & 16th century and juts out from the coastline over the sea. Built from local stone which is so smoothed and polished the whole town glistens in the sunlight. The town rebuilt after a massive earthquake in 1667.

In 1991 war broke out when Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik was caught off guard when on October 1 Yugoslav warships arrived on the horizon and shelled this beautiful town. 68% of the towns buildings were damaged by shells and fire. 8 months later Dubrovnik lay in ruins when it was liberated by the Croatian army. $10 million US dollars later this town shows very little damage. However it is so sad to know that behind the closed shutters and repaired exteriors inside many of the buildings they lay in ruins.

It has been an incredible experience staying here in Dubrovnik - By day the town square is full of tourists, but the back streets and alleyways its just you and the kittens. Eating delicious ice-cream (Au$1.50) by the Pile Gate, people watching and admiring the beautiful stone work - This truly is such an incredible place to visit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Singapore Sling

So our journey has begun.

We are incredibly fortunate that we are able to travel for greatly reduced fares around the world through my husbands work. Although it does indeed prove to be quite a gamble traveling standby. The possibility to be offloaded off a flight and stranded in some foreign country is quite the norm.

Such was the case with our flight from Brisbane to London via Singapore and Dubai. There we were at 4am in the morning offloaded off the flight once it arrived in Singapore. There was no room for us to continue our journey and so we must wait ( and wait and wait and wait) for another flight to fit us on.

Although we have managed to have ourselves a most lovely time. We have met up with a most dear friend of my husbands and he has shown us a true Singapore visit including chilli crab and singapore slings at raffles hotel and he treated us with incredible hospitality. We are eternally grateful!

Raffles is a divine building and I could without a doubt live there and never feel the need to leave. So incredibly immaculate with its white walls, brass fittings and perfect green gardens with beautiful old english wicker chairs. Simply adorable. Im inspired to add a little Raffles to our own home.

So now the journey continues, we await our flight to Dubai and say goodbye to Singapore and thank it for its most unexpected hospitality.

Friday, September 19, 2008

hello world.

Today my friends I bid you goodbye, and hello world.

See you again from somewhere in Europe. xox

Image by Jon James

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Belinda's Calling Cards

Recently I have had the pleasure of illustrating, designing and printing Calling Cards for Belinda from Renovate & Decorate and Mini Meez. Mummy calling cards are perfect for making new little friends for the little people in your life. As a mum to gorgeous Zak & baby Layla hopefully these cards will come in most handy for play dates, teddy bear picnics and lunch with new friends!

I thought I would share the journey of printing these cards which has taken several weeks in production. All contact details have been blurred for privacy.

Firstly the ink is handmixed and the 800kg of cast iron that makes up my press was warmed up and cranked into action. Belinda's designs were printed from photopolymer plates onto 100% tree free cotton paper.

First colour is printed and drying.

The press is then cleaned thoroughly before the second ink is handmixed and applied. Each sheet is then hand fed one at a time back through the press ensuring perfect registration!

Finally the press is cleaned down once again. The third colour is then mixed and distributed on the press.

All printed, sitting on my delivery board drying.

The cards are then hand guillotined.

One hundred odd calling cards are completed!

And finally they are all wrapped up and ready to be delivered!

A girl with a blog with a dog

Started by Mary-Laure over at Aurea - a gorgeous french blog - im excited to become a member of the Girl with a blog with a dog club.

Ruby our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever plays a big part in our studio as the courier delivery spokesperson. She is also a faithful companion who sleeps by the side of the printing press (whilst not tracking down the couriers) totally unfazed as 800kg of cast iron churns, burns and cranks into action!

Monday, September 15, 2008

time to bake

Have I ever mentioned how much I love chocolate cake? I simply adore it.

This past weekend saw our kitchen renovation finally completed - which means now its time to whip out the apron and start baking again!

Im loving the colours in this chocolate cupcake shot by
Mae Gabriel , oh its making me hungry already!

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