Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hello your majesty

I must be brutally honest and admit London is one place I have never been too keen on visiting - no doubt it does have many amazing attributes - after all it is one of the worlds most visited cities. But I think this its this exact reason why i've always stayed away.

But Alas, our trip to Croatia & Italy goes via a three day stop over in old London town. Im now on a mission to find things that don't involve Big Ben, the London Eye, the Union Jack and Buckingham Palace.

These beautiful photos by David Patterson are inspiring me to stay away from the tourist double deckers and find what wonders await us off the tourist tracks. So far Portobello Road is really tickling my fancy.

Mental note - must remember an umbrella!


  1. dont put the umbrella in your hand luggage! you will get it taken off you by the bag scanning people!

  2. oh what's not to love about london?! i think you will like portobello rd, it's vibrant and bustling with plenty to look at.

    i can recommend this:
    design museum!

    are you off soon?

  3. In one weeks time!!

    The design museum looks perfect!! I am looking forward to portabello road - unfortunately we won't be there for the Saturday markets but as a sucker for old "industrial" things, im bound to fall in love with way to many things to ship home!!

  4. You will LOVE the multistorey Paperchase store in London. A spent a lot of him time there and wants to take me to London just to see it.


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