Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Belinda's Calling Cards

Recently I have had the pleasure of illustrating, designing and printing Calling Cards for Belinda from Renovate & Decorate and Mini Meez. Mummy calling cards are perfect for making new little friends for the little people in your life. As a mum to gorgeous Zak & baby Layla hopefully these cards will come in most handy for play dates, teddy bear picnics and lunch with new friends!

I thought I would share the journey of printing these cards which has taken several weeks in production. All contact details have been blurred for privacy.

Firstly the ink is handmixed and the 800kg of cast iron that makes up my press was warmed up and cranked into action. Belinda's designs were printed from photopolymer plates onto 100% tree free cotton paper.

First colour is printed and drying.

The press is then cleaned thoroughly before the second ink is handmixed and applied. Each sheet is then hand fed one at a time back through the press ensuring perfect registration!

Finally the press is cleaned down once again. The third colour is then mixed and distributed on the press.

All printed, sitting on my delivery board drying.

The cards are then hand guillotined.

One hundred odd calling cards are completed!

And finally they are all wrapped up and ready to be delivered!


  1. Wow Alischa! These pictures look great! and the finished product is stunning! Looks like a lot of fun - and I love your little delivery packs! There is something rewarding about seeing products neatly packed and ready to go isn't there?

  2. what a fantastic idea!
    they look fabulous too.

    i'd never thought about the idea of calling cards for kids - but they would come in SO handy. my children have a better social life than i do, and just to be able to give cards with all the contact details, rather than hastily scrawled on bits of paper from the bottom of my handbag? excellent.

  3. thank you thank you thank you. they're beautiful and have already come in handy!!!! have a great trip



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