Sunday, September 7, 2008

busy crazy lovely weekend

Its been a busy lovely crazy weekend here! On the happy side - Happy Fathers Day to my gloriously lovely Dad - I wish I could have given him a hug today, but hopefully he feels the love from 1000kms away, and im glad he received his gift above in time!

Oh the busy side, it was a great rush (as always) to prepare for sundays Young Designer Markets - so much work involved! Selling at markets is a wonderful great experience to meet with your customers - but never underestimate the work involved!

On the lovely side, it was a great day at markets, a beautifully sunny day and so wonderful to see that Brisbane sure has got talent! I sold some paintings to some great folks and I met the most lovely Alarna from Little Jane Street. I adore her designs and especially her screen printed gift wrap. She also has a fabulous blog which is a great read!

On the crazy side, we were victim to a hit & run last night. Having a most lazy Saturday night after a busy busy Saturday, we heard a noise out the front of our house, and Ruby our dog went crazy. We jumped up off the couch to investigate - just in time to see that a car had rammed up the back of our parked car and was in the process of driving away! Thankfully I grabbed the rego number and the police are now involved. For once i'm so thankful that Ruby our dog likes to bark (with a passion) at noises outside.

Hope your weekend was a lovely one, next weekend im hoping for a more quiet less dramatic one!


  1. Oh gosh, that must be your life's worth of run-ins with cars! I'm glad you weren't IN the car though. We were sitting at a red light coming back from our christmas shopping last year and just had to watch and wait as we saw a kid coming up behind us just chatting away to his passenger - and bang!!
    I hope everything works out hassle-free. And go Ruby!!

  2. Thank you for the lovely words Alischa!
    What a horrible end to the day - Glad you got the rego number though... I hope everything goes well!


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