Friday, September 30, 2011

weekend plans

Hello Friends, how quickly does Friday come around again? It is quite scary how quickly it feels like the weeks are racing by at the moment! This weekend sees the start of October - my favourite month!

The month were things start to get warmer and dresses and skirts start making a daily appearance. It is also the start of daylight savings - the one part of summer I have missed dreadfully since moving to Brisbane. I pine for it every year. It is also mine and many others around me birthday month, so October really is quite a lovely month indeed.

How will you be welcoming the new month? This weekend sees the very end of our 20% off spring sale so we are busy packaging up lots of letterpress goodies to send out in the post. We are also continuing to work on our Christmas 2011 range and starting to work on product for upcoming Finders Keepers markets!

This weekend my dear Mr H is home (a very strong rarity in his line of work) we might take some time out to go see the movie "The Help" and have a spot of dinner. Have you seen it? I recently read the book and really devoured it, so I am looking forward to seeing its adaption to the big screen. We are also working on teaching Miss Ruby Tuesday some new catching tricks. The poor lady as cute as she is, does not have very good eye to mouth coordination at all, so games of ball, are more like games of fumble and fluster, But we are working on it!

Happy weekend my lovelies, and if you are lucky enough to have a long weekend - enjoy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

in the studio today

It is a bit of an old rainy day here in Brisbane today. I don't mind too much, it feels like we have not had one for ages. However the Little Miss is all too unimpressed. This is "her" spot by the studio door. Prime position to watch all the comings and goings, and full view of us whilst we work away. However today she is laying there looking all sulky out the window, oblivious to us working around her. Not being one for wanting to get her paws wet, I don't think she has ever missed the outdoors quite so much before.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

super silver

Over the years as we have collected printing presses alot of the time they have come with boxes of "stuff". Big collections of random printing things that have most often come from old men's sheds. They either have no use for their stuff any more, or like our last lot of goodies, the mans wife has has demanded that it goes. And we all know, when a wife demands, it is final.

So I do suppose that other peoples junk has become our gold, our silver as in the case of the Super Silver ink I pulled out of a box over the weekend. Dusted it off, ran it through Herbie the Heidelberg and she printed like a charm.

It was pretty super indeed.

Friday, September 23, 2011

happy weekend!

It is almost the weekend time my friends - do you have any plans? I am thinking of taking my winter legs out doors for a few minutes of sunshine. It sure has warmed up here in Brisbane and I must admit I am very much enjoying breaking free of jeans and bringing out the spring wardrobe!

This weekend I will be doing lots of the above photo. Can you believe this weekend marks the start of our Christmas production for our 2011 range. My goodness, how can it be that time already!! We had a great time designing this years range so cannot wait to get it on the press and see them in all their letterpress printed glory!

This week we also stumbled across a few fabulous things on the net. Have you heard of InkerLinker? It is a website for specialty printers. If you love our work you can visit our page here and click the little heart "like" button to say that you fancy our work. Also this week I found these gorgeous Pantry Labels which if only my Pantry was more then 30cm wide I would buy to get organised like crazy. And finally I stumbled across this very cool letterpress lego project it sure is quite amazing the incredible ideas that people come up with!

Have a wonderful weekend, may it be filled with sunshine, skirts and spring joy!


p.s Only one week left in our 20% Spring sale in our online store! Read here for more info.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

briony & jonathan :: letterpress wedding stationery

Briony and Jonathan are planning a beautiful wedding in Victoria, Australia and with vintage vineyard theme, and a weekend of frivolities planned for their guests. The brief was for a letterpress invitation suite which was elegant, featured black and white and made use of vintage lace, all whilst be stunning and simply beautiful at the same time.

We designed numerous different options, and we love the final design which Briony and Jonathan chose. With subtle lace highlights, classic typography and strong use of negative space, this suite received a wonderful printed impression on the press.

Their wedding suite included 2 colour invitations, as well as reply post cards, brunch cards, gift cards, thank you cards and lined envelopes all hand printed on 100% cotton paper. Just lovely!

We wish them a magical and beautiful day amongst the vines!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

stephanie & nicholas :: letterpress wedding stationery

We recently had the pleasure of designing and letterpress printing some fabulous wedding stationery for Stephanie and Nicholas from Sydney, Australia.

As typographic lovers, their brief to us was for a typographic stationery suite, however also injecting a little sense of fun, some sweet elements of quirk, and some dramatic wow factor. Through the striking use of bright pink and black letterpress printed on white 100% cotton stock, we mixed a combination of beautifully crafted typefaces with some gorgeous typographic ligatures for a stunning result.

Stephanie and Nick's stationery suite included invitations, information cards, reply post cards, printed envelopes, thank you cards and order of service booklets. Such a fabulous, fun and wonderful couple to work with. It was such a pleasure and joy to design and print for their upcoming amazing day.

"All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!! The invites are absolutely, totally beautiful!! I posted them out yesterday, and have met up with a few of my friends to give them to them in person - just to see their squealing reactions. Thank you, Thank you so much for all of your work, they are just gorgeous!"

Thank you Steph and Nick, we wish you the most amazing and fun wedding day!

Monday, September 19, 2011

20% off spring sale!

It seems that spring has finally arrived here in the studio and we wanted to celebrate the arrival of our all time favourite part of the year with a spring sale in our online store!

For 2 weeks only spend $35 or more and enter the code "SPRINGSALE" to receive 20% off store wide! Valid on all our prints, stationery, twines gift wrap and more!

As our last online sale before the end of the year now is a great time to start collecting letterpress goodies for the upcoming festive season! You can also make use of our flat rate $5 domestic shipping on most items in our online store.

Sale ends Midnight Monday the 3rd of October, 2011. Valid for all sales over $35 excluding shipping.

Many thanks to our friends at Feather and Stone Photography for the great shot of Helga and Charlie in the studio, you guys rock! Make sure you pop by and visit their blog and swoon over their amazing work!

and the winner is...

Hello friends, Happy Monday!

We are starting the week of with the winner of our Twine giveaway - Thank you for your entries, it seems our most popular colour is our new grey twine, and I can understand why, it is such a gorgeous colour!!

To determine the winner of our giveaway - I asked the lovely Megan sitting next to me who is answering emails and doing some fabulous design work, for a number between 1 and 22. She came back with the number 8 - Congratulations Nat from Dear Little House who was our eighth comment, we will have a roll of your twine on its way shortly!


p.s we will be announcing some exciting news this afternoon, if you haven't yet signed up to our newsletter make sure that you do over here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

kym & zac :: letterpress wedding stationery

We recently had the pleasure to design and print a stunning letterpress wedding stationery suite for Kym and Zac who are based in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.

The brief was for something vintage, elegant and classic to suit their stunning venues including the stunning Lilianfels Resort in Katoomba. With a theme of Black ink on ivory, we designed a vintage monogram to feature their initials and their wedding date of the Eleventh, of the Eleventh of Two Thousand and Eleven. This monogram achieved such a stunning printed impression into our 100% cotton stock, it all had us swooning with its perfect impression.

With the request to feature a dragonfly motif as this held special significance to Kym and Zac, we designed a vintage etching style dragonfly motif to feature simply on their envelope return address flap. A very sweet inclusion with special significance into their journey as a married couple.

Completed with a reply postcard and printed and lined envelopes the pure simplicity of gorgeous typography with masses of white space created a very classic, elegant and beautifully impressed design.  A very beautiful example of how perfectly crafted typography, coupled with perfectly crafted letterpress can produce amazing results!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new bakers twine in store + giveaway!

One of the things I love most about coming back from holidays is the pile of boxes and mail which have arrived whilst we were away, and I was tickled pink to see amongst all the deliveries that we had a great big box of twine goodness awaiting our return!

On top of our existing colours we have now added an extra 5 colours to our collection - the new colours include Blossom Pink, Lemon, Denim Blue, Honeydew Green and Grey bringing our total range to 12 different colours. Our 100% cotton bakers twine is available in our online store for Au$18 per 220m roll. Grab them here while they last as we often sell out quite quickly!

Do you have a favourite? Lets take a vote, visit our store here and choose your favourite colour and then leave a comment below and let me know which colour you like best. One random comment will be chosen to win a roll of their favourite twine colour. Entries close Midnight Sunday 18th September and the winner will be announced on Monday 19th of September. Good luck!

Monday, September 12, 2011

hello hello!

Hello hello! How are you all? I have missed our daily banter whilst we had been away!

We are now back from our holiday getaway. The surprise destination that dear Mr H organised was to Sabah, Maylaysia. It was truly spectacular, very relaxing and most certainly the break that we needed. With amazing sunsets, hot tropical days and whole heap of doing not much, it was a much needed escape to rest and unwind.

Whilst we were away the gorgeous Megan and Louise did an amazing job looking after the studio, where would I be without such wonderful women by my side? They truly are magic!

And how have you all been? Have you had any news? Please don't be shy to say hello!


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