Friday, September 23, 2011

happy weekend!

It is almost the weekend time my friends - do you have any plans? I am thinking of taking my winter legs out doors for a few minutes of sunshine. It sure has warmed up here in Brisbane and I must admit I am very much enjoying breaking free of jeans and bringing out the spring wardrobe!

This weekend I will be doing lots of the above photo. Can you believe this weekend marks the start of our Christmas production for our 2011 range. My goodness, how can it be that time already!! We had a great time designing this years range so cannot wait to get it on the press and see them in all their letterpress printed glory!

This week we also stumbled across a few fabulous things on the net. Have you heard of InkerLinker? It is a website for specialty printers. If you love our work you can visit our page here and click the little heart "like" button to say that you fancy our work. Also this week I found these gorgeous Pantry Labels which if only my Pantry was more then 30cm wide I would buy to get organised like crazy. And finally I stumbled across this very cool letterpress lego project it sure is quite amazing the incredible ideas that people come up with!

Have a wonderful weekend, may it be filled with sunshine, skirts and spring joy!


p.s Only one week left in our 20% Spring sale in our online store! Read here for more info.

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