Friday, September 30, 2011

weekend plans

Hello Friends, how quickly does Friday come around again? It is quite scary how quickly it feels like the weeks are racing by at the moment! This weekend sees the start of October - my favourite month!

The month were things start to get warmer and dresses and skirts start making a daily appearance. It is also the start of daylight savings - the one part of summer I have missed dreadfully since moving to Brisbane. I pine for it every year. It is also mine and many others around me birthday month, so October really is quite a lovely month indeed.

How will you be welcoming the new month? This weekend sees the very end of our 20% off spring sale so we are busy packaging up lots of letterpress goodies to send out in the post. We are also continuing to work on our Christmas 2011 range and starting to work on product for upcoming Finders Keepers markets!

This weekend my dear Mr H is home (a very strong rarity in his line of work) we might take some time out to go see the movie "The Help" and have a spot of dinner. Have you seen it? I recently read the book and really devoured it, so I am looking forward to seeing its adaption to the big screen. We are also working on teaching Miss Ruby Tuesday some new catching tricks. The poor lady as cute as she is, does not have very good eye to mouth coordination at all, so games of ball, are more like games of fumble and fluster, But we are working on it!

Happy weekend my lovelies, and if you are lucky enough to have a long weekend - enjoy!

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