Monday, October 3, 2011

studio shots

This morning I have been sorting through our ridiculous large (but in a ridiculously good way) image library of shots of the studio. I love everything about letterpress, the ink on your hands, old worn palette knives and cleaning rags that turn into colourful rainbows of colour the more they get used. Jars of ink lined up haphazardly, splodges of ink and hand written scribbled words on type draws written many years ago. Stacks of paper queued up in the feed table awaiting their moment from when they become paper to art and jars of old ink which could tell a life time of stories. There is just so much to love.

Attached are a few of my favourite shots. I think it is so magical that even without the rainbow of colour in the photos, the love and labour, and all that history presents its self so beautifully when reduced in it's simplest form in black and white. I do love it just a bit.

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  1. So beautiful. Maybe you should pop out to my studio and take some photos... I'm sure there's magic in the details, but all I can see is mess!


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