Friday, October 7, 2011

friday love

Happy Friday my sweets! Hard to believe it is the end of yet another week. I am a little giddy with excitement that this weekend is very unplanned. With a few jobs on the press, the rest of the time we have no plans. Such a wonderful feeling, I am quite excited about it!!

A few friday loves for you on this lovely afternoon:
1// I stumbled across these fabulous teacake cushions from the UK this week and couldn't resist buying one. I think it will be a winner on our linen couch.
2// Another buy this week was the Frankie 2012 Calender. I have bought one every single year, and today I  heard that they were nearly sold out... I would have been devastated to have missed out!
3// My other favourite Calender for 2012 is Paper Boat Press's beautifully designed Calender, which apparently are selling like hot cakes as well. Grab one here while they last. They are just divine.
4// The latest PaperRunway is out, full of entertaining ideas, yet another fabulous issue by the talented Paper Runway Team, we are tickled pink to see some of our letterpress goodies featured.
5// Have you heard that the latest round of Brisbane Finders Keepers designers have been announced? You can view the amazing line up here and here.We cant wait to attend!
6// A gorgeous typographic video for you type lovers. Gosh we love it.

Have a most lovely weekend!

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  1. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and the beautiful paper goods you sell. I have gone slightly mad lately ordering from your site and have been thrilled with every delivery. Many thanks!


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