Friday, May 29, 2009

featured wedding: ilana and benjamin part 2.

Photography by the gorgeous team at Sugar Love Weddings.

We simply adore the styling from Ilana and Benjamins wedding. They had a romantic garden party theme styled with Peonies, david austin roses, sweet peas, freesias, lisianthus, in shades of pink, white & caramel, teamed with crystal bud vases, lace votives and chandeliers. Styled by the incredibly creative team at Angels Dreaming.

"It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, everywhere you looked was beautiful lace lanterns and candelabras, lace votives and bud vases and crystal vases of flowers!"

For wedding favours, Ilana called upon a little favour of her Dad, and they gave their guests honey pots and honey dippers from his bee hive in north queensland.

The maids dresses were in shades of nougat and antique brulee from the incredible gorgeous summer collection of Rose and Ruby. For their gift the bride had made for them silver bangles stamped with personalised messages, thanking them for “standing by me on this special day as they have done so many times before”.

Congratulations Ilana & Benjamin, such a gorgeously romantic wedding, and so very perfectly suited to you both!

featured wedding: ilana & benjamin part 1.

One of the greatest joys in running Bespoke is the opportunity to work with gorgeous couples and to help them create a beautiful wedding which is a perfect reflection of them both. Although our stationery and paperie is only a small part of their wedding we love sharing the journey with them. It tickles us pink when our couples send us images of their wedding, we feel so proud, and so very blessed that we helped in just a little way to make their wedding perfect.

The gorgeous Ilana & Benjamin have recently sent through their amazing wedding shots by SugarLove. Their wedding was held at The Tea Room Gunners Barracks in Mosman, Sydney, with their ceremony held on the lower lawn with spectacular views of Sydney Harbour, Watsons Bay and Rose Bay.

"My favourite part of the day was the ceremony because it’s the most sentimental and meaningful part of the day, we were really involved in writing the whole ceremony so it was very personal and emotional for us".

Ilana & Benjamin searched high and low to find a Super8 videographer – this was inspired by film footage Ilana had seen of her mum and dad from the 70s when they first met on a holiday in Bali. Moudanier Pictures came to the rescue and shot their entire wedding the old fashioned way (and how we love the old fashioned way of doing things!).

We loved the way that Ilana was very conscious to include Benjamins style and personality into the planning of their day. The groomsmen all wore rock n roll skinny black suits with skull and cross bone socks and cufflinks in keeping with their love of metal music.

"The night ended with us all dancing the night away under the stars on the sandstone courtyard to classic 80’s tracks and a memorable rendition of the gunners sweet child of mine from all the bridal party, air guitar at it’s best! Everyone had a ball and that is all you can ask for, after a year and half of planning!"

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

shannnen & damion wedding invitations

Recently we have had the absolute pleasure of working with a gorgeously local wedding couple Shannen & Damion. With a love for understated elegance, their wedding which is to be held in beautiful Maroochydore. We designed their invitations to be classic and elegant but with a touch of modern simplicity and a tiny tad of tropical styling as well.

Printed with ivory inks on our 100% cotton rag white paper the illustration is only subtly visible and forms a gorgeous framework for the deep dark charcoal grey/blue text. Finished off with personalised guests names, we simple adore the simplicity combined with a touch of exclusivity and a little opulence as well.

It was such a pleasure to work with this gorgeous couple, and we are so glad they love their invitations just as much as we do!

Monday, May 25, 2009

paper boat press online store

This post is all a little bit late, so please do excuse us if you already know, but the gorgeous Kylie from Paper Boat Press has recently launched her much anticipated online store, and it is full of all her gorgeous wares, words and beautifully produced hand made pieces.

Earlier this year, you may remember we worked on a gorgeous collaboration together to produce limited edition prints of her poetry and illustrations, which was a beautiful project, with beautiful prints, and most excitingly are now available through Kylie's new shop... such a lovely sweet shop, please do go explore!

Friday, May 22, 2009

the art of photography.

Happy weekend my dear sweets. Thankyou all for your lovely messages this week, its fabulous to be back in the studio and sharing our daily adventures with you.

Talking of adventures, whilst we had been away sailing, but very deserving parents took a much needed trip and explored the beauty of France. My mum was in photography heaven....

Growing up my parents had this big huge SLR camera with the longest lens you had ever seen. We grew up with my mum hiding in the background, her camera angled and her lens ready to take that "perfect" shot of us. Back in the day of film, you just couldn't be snap happy like you can be these days. It was an artform, my mum had perfected it.

I think as a kid I always wanted to play with the camera, although of course, I never think I actually did. It would have been far to precious for my little curious hands. And when I think back to all of our family functions I can see mum (and sometimes dad too) posed ready with the camera waiting, waiting, waiting for that perfect shot of us or cousins, friends and the occasional animal too. I have learnt so much from my dear mum, she is the queen of presentation and the art of secret photo taking. I admire her so much.

When my parents gave me my first SLR as a christmas gift many years ago, they released all my curiosities and its funny how the little things you parents do can influence you so much. I now too, hide in the background, lenses ready, waiting, waiting waiting. Sometimes its scary to know that your turning into your parents, but somehow oh so very lovely as well.

Happy weekend gorgeous friends.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sail away part two

As promised, more photos from our little trip away!

Most of these taken from ashore... and I can promise you, it was a lovely to head ashore and have a some non rocking adventures for a few days!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sail away part one

My husband has always dreamed of taking off on a sailing adventure, and with the help of a gorgeous long time school friend and her partner we braved the winds and high seas and sailed a catamaran around the gorgeous Whitsunday islands and The Great Barrier Reef.

It was quite the adventure thats for sure... novice sailors with some rough seas, some rainy chilly days, and a hot water system which didn't work... think 2 litre boiled water showers out of a bucket sort of adventure...

But thankfully towards the end of our week the sun shone through and it was warm enough to slip into our togs, go for a swim, explore the islands and enjoy this beautiful little part of our world. We were so very blessed to enjoy a few days of pure oceanic bliss.

So here we are back in the studio reminiscing about all the laughs and jokes which would only seem still funny on the boat... remembering {half} fondly the bucket showers... the crazy inflatable pool toys we looked like such the tourist with... and the amazing feasts in which we soothed our souls... What an adventure... now if only I could find my land legs again...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

back on board

lovely friends, we are back in the studio again after our little adventure and are somewhat dizzy having still not yet found our land legs again!

I promise once we have had a chance to work through all 486 photos we will post a few and share our adventures with you.

And to all the new friends who are now following our blog - hello, so lovely to meet you!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a trip away

My sweet lovelies, the time has come for a little holiday. Tomorrow we jump on a plane and fly up to the Whitsundays, where we pick up a catamaran and sail away for some rest and relaxation. We will be back in the studio on the 18th of May and look forward to sharing some of our adventures with you then.

I'll miss you dear blog and lovely friends, but i'll be back again soon!

image via flickr

Monday, May 4, 2009

Natalia & Gavan wedding stationery

How was your weekend my sweets? We had a busy busy time here in the studio and also had some house developments with our new fans and kitchen splashbacks installed -so exciting, I must do another house update post once we get back from our little trip away!

Onto the studio news, we recently had two gorgeous new tubs of ink arrive in gold and silver. oh my. They are just divine, and over the weekend we had a chance to them open and test them out!

We have been printing the most lovely Natalia & Gavans wedding stationery, who are based down in chilly chilly Canberra. With a very intimate wedding planned, the guests will be chauffeured in london style cabs from their homes to the Hawksbury river where there will be ferried to the secluded Berowra Waters Inn for a gorgeous degustation lunch. oh my.

With their Spanish Bohemian theme we illustrated some gorgeous roses intermixed with little quirky bohemian flowers, and printed these with our brand new tubs of shiny ink. We mixed pewter using a combination of 75% silver and 25% gold, and intermixed this with a gorgeously deep red we colour matched to the brides existing colour palette. So lovely, and such a gorgeous wedding couple to work with and what lucky guests, this is going to be an incredible wedding to attend!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

happy weekend my sweets

Lovely friends how is it the weekend already? its actually a long weekend here in Qld this week, a fact which I only found out just a few days ago... oh my, such a lovely surprise!

Its going to be a busy weekend here in the studio as we have quite a lot of printing to complete. We are headed away on a exciting trip next Wednesday so there is alot to get done before we pack our bags and sail away. We are also working on a mountain of designs for new wedding clients at the moment. I simply love this process, finding out about their styles and personalities and designing a gorgeous wedding set which reflects them and their special day perfectly. Such a beautiful process!

Little Ruby Tuesday has been quite a muffin this week. Her daddy has been home (he is a pilot so comes and goes) so she has been getting alot of morning runs which makes for a very happy little studio girl indeed. Next week her favourite nanna & poppa are coming to house sit and look after her, she is bound to be spoiled indeed!

Have a beautiful weekend my sweets, see you again next week!

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