Monday, May 25, 2009

paper boat press online store

This post is all a little bit late, so please do excuse us if you already know, but the gorgeous Kylie from Paper Boat Press has recently launched her much anticipated online store, and it is full of all her gorgeous wares, words and beautifully produced hand made pieces.

Earlier this year, you may remember we worked on a gorgeous collaboration together to produce limited edition prints of her poetry and illustrations, which was a beautiful project, with beautiful prints, and most excitingly are now available through Kylie's new shop... such a lovely sweet shop, please do go explore!


  1. I am off to have a look. I love the "shop" bowl.

  2. I just adore Kylie's beautiful items. I recently indulged in some of her ceramic tags for a gift...just beautiful.

  3. you are so right, kylie is amazing! she's such a dear person and her work is stunning, so well made. i feel very fortunate to have some of her pieces!

    ps. i found you via perfectbound.


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