Tuesday, May 19, 2009

back on board

lovely friends, we are back in the studio again after our little adventure and are somewhat dizzy having still not yet found our land legs again!

I promise once we have had a chance to work through all 486 photos we will post a few and share our adventures with you.

And to all the new friends who are now following our blog - hello, so lovely to meet you!!



  1. Hello, I'm one of the new ones. I'm also new to letterpress - I hadn't heard of it as a contemporary phenomenon before. I look forward to hearing and seeing more on here!

  2. Hello
    I'm also a new follower.
    As an ex-letterpress minder anything that brings it back is just great.
    I'm going to work through your old posts and see what I can remember.
    Keep up the good work and nice site by the way

  3. i too am a new follower...
    I just commenced my own blog and in fact only a few months ago had never really thoughts of blogs at all intertersting.
    having come across some superb work, highly talented writers, photograhers etc. i felt that this personal forum is very interesting and creative..so here i am..


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