Thursday, May 21, 2009

sail away part two

As promised, more photos from our little trip away!

Most of these taken from ashore... and I can promise you, it was a lovely to head ashore and have a some non rocking adventures for a few days!!


  1. Gorgeous! Appreciate the beauty of your home, you lucky dogs!

  2. WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL =) =) I am sure you had a wonderful time


  3. What a perfect holiday you have just had! I could only dream of being locked up with my hubby, sailing the seas, for days on end. 2 little boys have put a stop to that sort of thing.... for now anyway! Thank goodness, I did this sort of thing in my youth! Your images are just beautiful... I love the mast and the controls... such a different perspective. Loving your photos... just a few more for us land bound souls please! A-M xx

  4. They look like perfect getaways.


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