Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sail away part one

My husband has always dreamed of taking off on a sailing adventure, and with the help of a gorgeous long time school friend and her partner we braved the winds and high seas and sailed a catamaran around the gorgeous Whitsunday islands and The Great Barrier Reef.

It was quite the adventure thats for sure... novice sailors with some rough seas, some rainy chilly days, and a hot water system which didn't work... think 2 litre boiled water showers out of a bucket sort of adventure...

But thankfully towards the end of our week the sun shone through and it was warm enough to slip into our togs, go for a swim, explore the islands and enjoy this beautiful little part of our world. We were so very blessed to enjoy a few days of pure oceanic bliss.

So here we are back in the studio reminiscing about all the laughs and jokes which would only seem still funny on the boat... remembering {half} fondly the bucket showers... the crazy inflatable pool toys we looked like such the tourist with... and the amazing feasts in which we soothed our souls... What an adventure... now if only I could find my land legs again...


  1. My boyfriend was sailing in the same area last week - the weather was dreadful he said.

    And their yacht slipped its moorings on the last night and lodged itself on the reef! They needed to get rescued by a nearby catamaran.

    Adventures abound on the high seas! :-)

  2. Bucket showers sound interesting. Reminds me of camping. Welcome back.

  3. It's the funny, unexpected things that happen that always make the best memories of a holiday. It sounds like you had great fun.


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