Wednesday, August 22, 2012

missing you

Oh dear blog, I do not know what to tell you, There is so much to say, so much which has been happening, so much busyness everywhere. Each day is just rolling into the next, one busy day after another, its a struggle to find time to remember to eat, to remember to sleep, to remember to breathe.

We've got so much happening here at the moment, we are running around each day, filling orders, designing, printing, doing our best to do everything perfectly and trying to keep our heads up high. Our little team has been growing, more beautiful hands helping each day, bringing smiles, and sunshine and so much happiness to our busy busy days.

Little Daisy is growing - too quickly, too fast. She is teaching Ruby many things, the little monkeys, they are getting so cheeky, so testing, I think they need more cuddles, more me time, its such a struggle to find it.

We've got lots of exciting plans, lots of things happening for the future, lots of ideas - maybe just, too many ideas. Its hard to keep these crazy brains under control some times.

So sweet blog and lovely followers, I promise we are still here, trucking on, doing our best to keep our heads up, hoping and waiting for just a moment to breathe, to say hello, and you share our journeys with you.


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