Friday, May 22, 2009

the art of photography.

Happy weekend my dear sweets. Thankyou all for your lovely messages this week, its fabulous to be back in the studio and sharing our daily adventures with you.

Talking of adventures, whilst we had been away sailing, but very deserving parents took a much needed trip and explored the beauty of France. My mum was in photography heaven....

Growing up my parents had this big huge SLR camera with the longest lens you had ever seen. We grew up with my mum hiding in the background, her camera angled and her lens ready to take that "perfect" shot of us. Back in the day of film, you just couldn't be snap happy like you can be these days. It was an artform, my mum had perfected it.

I think as a kid I always wanted to play with the camera, although of course, I never think I actually did. It would have been far to precious for my little curious hands. And when I think back to all of our family functions I can see mum (and sometimes dad too) posed ready with the camera waiting, waiting, waiting for that perfect shot of us or cousins, friends and the occasional animal too. I have learnt so much from my dear mum, she is the queen of presentation and the art of secret photo taking. I admire her so much.

When my parents gave me my first SLR as a christmas gift many years ago, they released all my curiosities and its funny how the little things you parents do can influence you so much. I now too, hide in the background, lenses ready, waiting, waiting waiting. Sometimes its scary to know that your turning into your parents, but somehow oh so very lovely as well.

Happy weekend gorgeous friends.


  1. I know what you mean... I love my old 100% manual SLR, and that buzz of getting film back - it's pretty special.

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just found your log and I must say - it´s like candy to me. I am so fond of letterpress (and travel!) I haven´t yet found a letterpress-place in sweden. Perhaps it´s my job to open one? Anyway, it´s nice to have new friends from Australia to follow along and be inspired by! Ciao!

  3. I love my faithful SLR camera. There's something so very special about having to be patient in framing the right shot, rather than just tapping away on my digital camera (which I also love). Those photographs you share are wonderful - full of life and colour!

  4. To hear your daughter say she admires you... brings joy to a mothers' heart! Turning into your mother! Could it be genetic or is it imitation? I like to think it is genetic. However, it is said "that imitation is the greatest form of flattery"! Either way I like the fact that you are turning into your mother! Thankyou Alischa for all your kind words. xoxox Mum

  5. I really enjoy your photos. I've been to France and I know that beauty first hand. I got to say you really shared good with the class.

  6. I have a DSLR, and I love it. I really want to try film out one day though, just to see what it's like, and learn about it.

    I discovered your blog via Blogs of Note, and I love it. (:

  7. Beautiful shots and lovely text. I learned photography from my dad. He is gone, now, but when I take pictures, he is still with me.

  8. Coolest flower wagon ever! :)

  9. I think when you admire and appreciate your parents so much, it can only be a good thing if you start to feel yourself turning into them!


    They are your mothers' photos? They are very beautiful!

  10. That printing press that the same one Will Smith used in "Seven Pounds"

  11. Your photography is stunning. Seeing those pictures just wants me want to visit France more. Ah well, someday.

  12. I am in love with your blog and everything on here! Beautiful photos! I love photography and these are some lovely shots. I like your story. Yes, I know exactly what you mean when you say you're turning into your parents.


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