Sunday, March 8, 2009

the cat is out of the bag...

...and finally I can let you know about the wonderfully lovely project I have been working on of recent times.

Late last year I saw a feature on the gorgeous Kylie Johnson from Paper Boat Press in Real living magazine and I dropped her an email to let her know how simply beautiful her work was and to congratulate her on her gorgeous business. Up sparked a lovely friendship and together we have worked of late to produce limited edition prints of two of her poems and illustrations. A beautiful collaboration of pressing words into paper, as she pressed words into clay. Its been simply delightful.

Kylie's prints will soon be available through her online store and her stockists, and we promise to let you know when they are available.


  1. Kylie's work is just gorgeous, and these prints are yet another beautiful addition!

  2. I just read about this this morning in a post on her blog... so excited for you!
    Well done to you, they look fabulous!

  3. Good for you! I follow both of your work and it seems just right you share a project together.

  4. oh yay!!! this is such great news! i can't wait, i adore both your work so what a fabulous collaboration this is! xx


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