Tuesday, March 17, 2009

saipua love

I must tell you I am in love... there is no denying it... I totally and utterly smitten by the work of the beautiful team at Saipua.

Oh my I get heart flutters when I view their work, there are no words to say how divine their flowers are. It takes my breathe away... it is just, without a doubt, just perfect.

And to my other love should we ever happen to find ourselves living in NYC, I must tell you, there is simply no question, no ifs or buts, no matter what the cost or occasion there is simply no excuse, there is no more perfect gift I could ever imagine...

Oh my... I really must stop dreaming now...


  1. Gorgeous colours! Really stunning, I think they almost look like those sugar flowers that you see on top of wedding cakes....
    I love the first image with the old seing machine in shot...great photography!

  2. Ugh, beyond stunning. I think it's about time I got flowers from the boy ... do you think they ship to Aus ;)

  3. I'm with you there. Those flowers are captivating....I need some!


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