Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cycling through Tuscany

Some where along the lines of our holiday planning we decided it would be incredibly romantic to cycle through Tuscany - rolling hills of vineyards and unbelievable vistas, fresh crispy italian air and little villages with San Pellegrino in beautiful outdoor terraces. It all seemed incredibly romantic.

That is until it dawned on me that not only had I not ridden a bike since my childhood. Those rolling hills where in fact hills that must be climbed. Biking 40km a day for 5 days seemed like an awfully long way AND you paid a hefty price for the pleasure.

Never the less we went and bought bikes to prepare on - armed with new cycling clothing and a helmet it seems time has become the better of me, and my bike has now gathered more dust then it has miles.

So with the holiday fast approaching im starting to wonder if this really is such a great idea after all?

Image by Dmitry Popov via Flickr found here

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  1. Ohh I had a friend who cycled through the south of France! She said the first two days were agony but after that it was all very glorious. Me, I sat myself on trains and buses with my backpack :)

    Good luck!


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