Monday, June 30, 2008

Mail Love

I have always loved receiving mail.

As a kid, I collected numerous pen pals. I would find random kids at caravan parks and hotels and would befriend them purely to make them become my pen pals. Most were obliging, some only survived a few letters - one hardcore writer lasted from when I was 8 to 14. I got bored eventually. She had discovered boys. I had yet not joined her and the letter box love fazed away.

The whole excitement of finding something in the mail box has never dwindled. The joy of coming home to parcels awaiting at the doorstep brings an unexpected joy.

This decorated parcel arrived just the other day from NA graphics Colorado, USA. Full of letterpress creasing matrixes, scoring rules, gauge pins and oiled tympan paper - all packaged in a beautiful collection of postage stamps. I love a well traveled parcel and this one made my day!

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  1. I am starting to read your blog from the very beginning! and I see your package from home. NA graphics is a great place to visit, I went crazy and spent $$$.
    Cheers, I better keep reading.


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