Tuesday, January 13, 2009

im a brown owl, are you?

The famed Melbourne Brown Owls craft group run by the super clever folk at Meet Me At Mikes is forming a brisbane crafting group. Are you excited? I jumped up and down with joy! Memberships are just $10 for us interstate folk. Happy happy days, see you all there!


  1. Hi ....i just wanted to say I LOVE your work & your blog! :) Would love to link up, let me know.
    Al the best!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  2. Brilliant.
    Are you already paid up, or waiting for more info??>

  3. oh excellent, i've been meaning to join up for so long but now i really have a reason to get to it.

  4. Hi Alischa! It's Mel here! I've just discovered Brown Owls too because of their recent article in Frankie! I'm soooooo exciting! I have just started a cross stitch last week and so I'm so excited that there might be a group starting in Bris! woo hoooo!! And that's awesome that you're interested too :)


  5. I have joined up for Brown Owls too... (found your blog through there)

  6. Ohhh.. how exciting! I can't make it to the February one, but can't wait to join once I move back to Brisbane in a few months time.


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