Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!

We are planning on finally taking down our chrismtas tree, we might do a trip into town for the brisbane bookfest, and we are going to start working on our new garden design (most excited!). If we can fit it in we might head out to the farmers markets for some fresh produce. I hope you have a most lovely weekend as well!

Oh and the frangapanis and the ink I hear you ask? I thought it was about time we added some girlishness to the studio today and raided the garden. It now smells glorious, which on the plus side masks the ever present smell of ink and kerosene we all have become accustomed to!!



  1. Don't you love summer? So many possibilities. Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Hey lady,

    I'll call you tomorrow morning to discuss the logistics of our garden design escapade.

    Unless you're awake ...

  3. I love those pretty flowers! def the perfect girly touch! have a nice weekend xx

  4. That sounds like the most absolutely perfect weekend. I might see you at the farmers markets... if I knew who to look for! After a boxing class this morning, hubby and I and the 2 boys are going in search of stone for our fireplace and then on to sushi! Have a lovely weekend. A-M xx

  5. So jealous that it is summer for you! Have a great weekend.


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