Friday, January 9, 2009

In the studio today

Today saw us start the process of printing wedding stationery for one of our clients, the gorgeous Joe & Jen who are having an elegant garden wedding in the beautiful senate courtyard of Old Parliament House in Canberra. With colours of vintage pinks, dusty steel blue and ivory, their wedding sounds just beautiful!!

We illustrated and designed their stationery package featuring elegant peonies and vintage David Austen roses for a very delicate vintage, but simple design. Today we printed the first colour, a lovely dusty vintage pink, and the illustration looks just gorgeous with its lovely deep letterpress impression.

Although, not all beautiful things are produced without a drama and we did manage to have a wee incident. We dropped the chase on the ground (followed by an awfully loud swear word). The chase holds a very expensive metal base that we attach our printing plates to and without a base, or a chase you are severally stuffed. Thankfully only the chase broke (the base was saved!) and after a quick rush to a metal fabricator our chase is now back together and we are printing again. Phew, it almost nearly was a disaster.


  1. that flower is lovely - you have done a great job! and i love the top image where you are mixing the colours - like strawberries and cream!

  2. Almost makes me want to get married again, just for the invitations.

  3. Hello!
    I don't have enough words to say 'thank you so much' for leaving a comment on my blog this week - if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have found your beautiful blog and your fabulous business. I love letterpress way too much its unhealthy!!! The fact you are an Australian based business is even better!

    I have numerous 30th birthday's to attend and I really would love to give some special friends some personalised note cards. I see you do customised work, what is a minimum order?

    I'll be back and I can't say it enough, love your work!! xxx

  4. How beautiful...I am green with envy. And I could look at those gorgeous blobs of ink all day.

  5. Oh they look divine ....and frankly that paint looks good enough to eat! A-M xx


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