Monday, January 5, 2009

In the studio today

Have I ever mentioned that our printing presses are human power operated, just like they were supposed to be when they were built in 1893?

Before the invent of motors, big tough strong printing men operating these presses at lightening chop off your finger speeds. These days, we are never in that much of a hurry (and value our fingers too much) but using your foot to treadle and set 600kilos of cast iron in motion surely isn't for the faint hearted!

Your thigh muscles get pumping, your abs start crunching, your arm muscles start pulsing and you have most ladylike sweet dribbling down your legs. Trust me, its not at all glamorous. And did I mention the distinct perfume I now wear of mineral turps? Im positive it will surely will be the next big thing on the perfume scene.

Ruby our press dog, watches on with much amusement. From her comfy spot in the most coolest part of the studio some days I look down at her watching me and think damn, she must think im crazy!!


  1. Im so happy that you are back from your holidays and blogging again. I hope that doesn't sound mean. I love reading your posts. Im very jealous of your setup/business. Do you take visitors to your studio?
    The presses sound amazing. I visited a letterpress studio in the Nicholas Building in Melbourne last year and was amazed at all the equipment.
    Anyway, lovely printing - dont stop.

  2. How lovely to have Ruby keeping you company. I take it there is no need for a gym memebership!? A-M xx

  3. Sounds like a great workout! FAR more interesting than the gym. I would love to see a working printing press - it sounds fascinating:) There is nothing quite like old world craft is there?

  4. I just love your photos, I am curious if you are a photographer too? (clearly I am new to your blog, so maybe it says somewhere)

  5. Hi Karlene, I've studied photography and other then a small stint as a photographer on a great barrier reef cruise boat its just a hoppy :)

  6. what on earth is hoppy?? should have said hobby!


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