Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aw shucks

Aw shucks, so many lovely people have written about us on their blogs lately, and were are blushing - you guys are the sweetest!

Apartment therapy voted our bedroom one of Australia's Best Bloggers Bedrooms.

La La Lovely had some super sweet lovely things to say.

The gorgeous Louise over at the fabulous Skout has us smitten with her wonderful business and super sweet personality!

Bloomstudio featured us on one of their new favourite blogs, and we love them too!

Way over from the other side of the world we have been loved by O ModernĂ¡rio

Paisley St Claire
and Apartment #34 featured our new office renovations and DIY table.

Desire to Inspire and Emmaroseart featured us with a wonderful collection of amazing Brisbane bloggers (there are so many beautiful talented people close by, its wonderful!)

Polkadotbrides included us in their great Australian crafters round up.

La maison su la colline did a gorgeous post about our limited edition prints.

The gorgeous Steph at Bondville did a super sweet post about Bespoke, she is so lovely and it does turn out we are kindred florence sprirts!

Thankyou so much for all this wonderful blog love, it makes our days here at Bespoke so beautiful and sunny to know that their are so many people who love and support us - it truly is a beautiful blog world.


  1. that was so nice of you to mention us! truly, your just so worth mentioning, but thank you all the same. For sure, you are a daily read for me!! thank you!!

    be blessed!!

  2. Your posts are too lovely not to share around!

  3. Congrats! I was a little mortified to see my bedroom on there though. Horrid unpainted ceiling and dodgy rush job to get the pic taken for the nursery tour... ugh, hardly a best bedroom! yours looked lovely though!!! x

  4. You deserve it Miss A! Now tell me all about the bag...

  5. One who's asthetic is so finely tuned such as yours is bound to attract attention (fully deserved)!

  6. Aw thankyou everyone, so so sweet!!

    And Steph, the bag? what can I say?

    Everytime I pick it up my heart stops a beat, and every moment I swing it over my shoulder my heart fills with glee, and then everytime im walking down the street and I see people stop and look, its then that I truly know, Florence is the only way to go.

    Oh gees, that wasn't supposed to be a poem. Must have got caught up in the moment :)


  7. Oh you so totally 100% deserve it! You have made my 2009, so good to find your blog gorgeous! xx

  8. You guys are a constant inspiration - thanks so much for the link-back. cant wait to see all the beautiful things coming out of your new office.


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