Thursday, January 8, 2009

Morning strolls

Photos above from our walk along the beach today. Usually my husband is up at the crack of dawn and takes Ruby our Toller for a one hour run (see previous post about how much I don't do mornings and you can see why its a one man adventure).

At the moment my husband is in training for an ocean swim so Ruby and I head down for a morning stroll (thats stroll, not run, and its not the crack of dawn!) and watch Haydens head out bobbing in the ocean. It really is such a beautiful time of day and the beach is so still and peaceful. Although stopping every 3 minutes to take photos surely doesn't count as exercise but it really is a nice time of day to relax, prepare for the busy day back at our studio and count our lucky buttons that we live in such a glorious location!


  1. your photos are so lovely, thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. love, love lovely! something so nice about taking pics at the beach!

  3. Great pics! In my feedreader they came up as a montage and looked even more sensational!


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