Friday, January 23, 2009

In the studio (with chocolate cake!)

Today we have a production line going, guillotining, cutting, and assembling wedding stationery packages ready to send off to our gorgeous wedding clients. We have Oprah playing in the background and oh, the best bit, the super gooey chocolate cake. I do have to wonder if you can really call this working? it just seems too lovely!

Have a beautiful weekend, and for all the Australians, a wonderful long weekend! You can tell Australia day is on its way when you look out the window and see a beaten up old ute, with a dog in the back, flying an Australian flag (which was as big as the ute itself) cruising down the street! Hope you get to celebrate in an Australian way too!



  1. I feel ignorant. sorry! I didn't even know there was an "Australian Day". So, now that I do, I looked it up at Thank you! Have a brilliant weekend and enjoy celebrating.

  2. cake looks almost as delish as the work!


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