Friday, January 30, 2009

house stalking

Do you think its wrong to stalk houses? to be driving down the street and see a house that you love, slam on the brakes, pull over, whip out your camera and do your darnest to take some photos without looking like your either a pervert or private investigator? Is this normal behaviour? Do I need help?

Once a week we hit the road and travel around meeting our wedding clients. Yesterday was such a day. Its so very lovely to get to meet the super cute wedding couples, so much love and excitement and beautiful ideas which we get to create for them. Such great meetings and always such a joy.

For me, its also a great day to get out of the studio, rest my sore printing muscles and wear a dress (far more prettier then my work shorts, shirt and boots). Another part that I love about getting out and about is discovering new areas of Brisbane, finding beautiful old Queenslanders and streets lined with Morteon Bay Figs. Hence the house stalking. It seems I just cant help myself!

Yesterday I was specifically looking at front verandas and fences. Originally we were going to have a picket fence, but as our home is quite close to the road im now thinking a taller more private screening like the first image. What do you think, this was a beautiful house!

And if these are photos of your home, please do take it as a compliment, I don't just stalk any old house you know :)


  1. you do it too?!?
    well, i don't take photos... i haven't gone that far. but i pull over. or drive past REALLY slowly. so i look suss anyway.
    have you driven around Graceville yet? <3

  2. I think there's othing wrong with stalking a house if you love it! Love your blog!

  3. They are beautiful! I would love to live in anyone of these.

    Happy weekend to you. x

  4. Nothing wrong with it! I'm a house stalker too!

  5. i whipped my camera out in Ikea the other day, had my husband on guard just in case anyone came along.
    You kind of feel like a naughty school kid.
    My favourite is the last fence.

  6. is also good for that kind of thing - most of the photos on there are only of the good features of houses, and it's good to get ideas on what looks good and what doesn't. I check it out for backyard ideas.

  7. So jealous, you have the most beautiful homes up there. My aunty and uncle are selling up their four year old home on dewar tce and have bought the most beautiful old Queenslander on the corner of Dewar and ahhh, can't remember! - A fair bit of work to do seeing the roof is rusted through, lead based paint and there is green water in the pool..... xx

  8. One of my favourite houses in the world is in Brisbane, although it's not a Queenslander by any means! It has since been renovated and won a few architecture awards, so I have a book full of photographs of it, both inside and out. I'm so spoilt :D

  9. Oh dear.. I do the same thing.. I drove around all morning last week, with toddler in tow, and snapped pictures of houses for no apparent reason. And got some funny looks while doing it... I'll be posting some of the pics, maybe next week!
    Happy weekend.

  10. No, I don't think it's wrong to stalk houses - because it is what I do myself!
    Love these Queenslander houses. Couldn't get enough of looking at them when I was in Brisbane last.

  11. I do it to.

    I like to go to my favourite street, Laurel Avenue in Graceville, and park the car and go for a walk along that street for exercise. It's so beautiful, especially around Christmas time when you see faerie lights and Christmas trees.

    I figure if I have to do exercise I may as well look at pretty houses while I do it!

  12. I am glad to hear I am not the only one to do this! Amanda x


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