Wednesday, September 30, 2009

rebecca & tim wedding stationery

Ever so occasionally we hear the wonderful news that someone near and dear to us are getting married! Such was the case with the super sweet Rebecca & Tim. Our families of all girl children grew up together and every special moment in our lives has been shared... three girls in my family and four girls in Rebeccas family... We almost all grew up like sisters.

When Bec & Tim announced their engagement, we were super excited as we knew we could create them a gorgeous wedding gift for them with letterpress wedding stationery. Their wedding will be held on an acreage property in Sydney. Surrounded by bush and gardens, It is going to be a gorgeously special day.

We designed their invite to be a reflection of this location coupled with a simple sweet no fuss serif typeface to reflect the beautiful day they are planning.

We are so excited for Bec & Tim, and cant wait to share their special day with them!


  1. Whilst I might be ever-so-slightly biased, I think you have created a truly elegant and perfectly designed invitation for Bec and Tim. We have received their beautiful invitation and are so excited for our darling Bec and her wonderful fiance Tim. As you know I do love a good wedding, especially when it is one of our own!

  2. They are such beautiful invites. You are so doing mine when I get married :) xoxo


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