Monday, September 21, 2009

hello little hydrangeas

How was your weekend friends? We tried our best to have a whole day off work - unfortunately it didn't quite happen... We just cant seem to keep ourselves out of the studio...!

We did however manage to save a few hours for ourselves and stocked up on our summer vegetable seedlings for the vegie garden. I also managed to score some hydrangea plants. Oh they are such my favourites. I am all a little skeptical as to how well they will grow in our warm sunny Brisbane. But I will give them all the love and water I can and hope for the best that they will survive in the shady corner of our garden.

Happy monday - hope your having a lovely day,


  1. Hi
    Love all the gorgeous photos you take:)
    It reminds me of my time on The Gold Coast, and Bond University.
    After reading your lovely posts i really want to go back someday. I live in Norway, and the weather is getting colder as we "speak".
    Have a lovely day, Love SoulPrincess

  2. I love love love hydrangeas! i love all their gorgeous pastel hues. I'm from Brisbane too and I've always wanted to plant them.


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