Thursday, September 24, 2009

meagan & darren wedding invitations

Above are images of our completed wedding invitations for Meagan & Darren, featuring the pink ink as shown on our blog yesterday.

This New Years Eve wedding couple wanted a sophisticated and elegant typographically based design, predominately featuring their wedding colour - pink.

Choice of typeface was very important to ensure we achieved a clean and neat justified effect, so we used one of our favourite typefaces for its strong strength, yet strikingly good looking serifs. We loved how this invitation has turned out, it feels amazing to run your fingers up over and down the mountain of valleys in the impression.

We wish Meagan & Darren a beautiful new years eve wedding!


  1. What a clever and beautiful invitation!
    The texture, I can imagine, would be wonderful.

  2. i love how simple yet totally unique these are - stunning!

  3. Wow Aleisha- these are one of my favourites.

  4. Yay!!! love them. I've seen them in the flesh and they are divine. Can't wait to officially receive mine, pride of place on the fridge!! xx


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