Saturday, September 5, 2009

melissa & craig wedding stationery

We have been so busy of late designing, printing and packaging wedding sets for our super cute wedding couples and we have struggled to find time to show you them all them here on our blog. So please forgive us... but here is a gorgeous wedding set that might hopefully make up for it...

This classic and elegant invitation set for Brisbane based Melissa & Craig featured an invitation, registry card, thankyou card and envelopes to suit. Printed on our gorgeous ivory cotton papers, the combination of chocolate ink and blind impression (printing with no ink) resulted in the most stunning effect that left us all smitten. You might have just seen their stationery featured on the home page of our website we loved it that much!

The pattern was designed to have an art deco feel, but also relaxed and tropical to suit the Sunshine Coast wedding location. It was also a perfect twist of fate that our pattern turned out to be a very close resemblance to the brides wedding earrings. A beautiful surprise, which made this design even more special! Coupled with gorgeously relaxed typography it was such a wonderful joy to print this wedding set. I hope you all like it!

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  1. absolutely beautiful! i love the paper embossing, so simple and gorgeous! x


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