Friday, September 18, 2009

kamandalu resort

Thankyou for your sweet messages, As promised some photos from our week away.

We splurged and stayed at the Kamadalu Resort & Spa in Ubud, Bali. Located 90 minutes inland from the main tourist hub, it was exactly the escape we needed.

Secluded on the top of a valley the resort climbs down into the jungle below. We spent our time swimming, sleeping, reading and monkey watching from our own outdoor lounge room complete with full size outdoor bed underneath!

Each afternoon the monkeys would come up from the jungle and try to steal our view. The smart little things, we never succeeded in the photo department. Our villa came with its own pool, which was simply divine. Im a bit of a sooky swimmer. It has to be SO hot to get me into the water. Thankfully the 30'c days just met my requirements!!

It was such the most peaceful week, the staff were gorgeously attentive and very romantic in the little touches that they do. Flowers in the bath tub, good night treats on the bed and flower petals scattered around our outdoor dining table, So very sweet. We cant recommend Kamandalu enough.

It took a great deal of self control not to turn on my phone or check emails. To hide away from the world felt so naughty, but so liberating at the same time!! I cant remember the last time we took a day off, let alone a whole week. So after our Bali escape we have decided on a new Bespoke rule... Sunday will be our day off... Lets see how long it can last!!

Have a beautiful weekend my friends, we will be doing our best NOT to be working this Sunday!



  1. Exsqueeze me?!??! Holy moly - I'm coming with you guys next time!

  2. Looks lovely! I received my order from your store (it had to wait at the PO a while before I had a chance to collect it) and posted about you on my blog. I love my notecards!

  3. We stayed at Kamandalu for our honeymoon eight years ago, it still looks so beautifully tropical, you lucky things.


  4. Love this, so much beauty!
    Green with envy...

    Lovely blog.

  5. Your escape looked wonderful. Congrats on your 5 year Wedding Anniversary....I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.

  6. How beautiful! Great to hear you have a relaxing time and are going to try and keep Sunday free for some 'you' time. Thanks for introducing me to Kamandalu - think I might start planning a trip of my own!

  7. One would have to be careful going would never want to return! wow!

  8. this looks so lovely... i have always wanted to visit bali...nice to see the beauty... x pam


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