Thursday, September 3, 2009

in the studio today

Today we are decorating envelopes with handmade linings. I love adding linings to a wedding set, it makes such a beautifully sweet surprise for guests when they open the envelope, and we all love little surprises! We design our linings, hand cut them and assemble each and every envelope. Its quite a slow process, but oh so worth the effort!

These linings are printed with black on a metallic ivory stock for one of our super sweet couples Bec & Tim. The botanical illustration is inspired by the bush setting of their wedding ceremony, and we have popped cute little heart leaves amongst the foliage - a cute little reference to this super sweet and loving couple!


  1. Oh I love this bush inspired theme! I am sure the happy couple will be delighted with this beautiful design.

  2. these are really beautiful. i love envelope liners. such a gorgeous touch.

  3. Wow! Those liners are wonderful.

  4. Oh I absolutely LOVE these - envelope liners are such a beautiful touch... these one are especially divine :)

  5. Lovely blog, lovely work! Please stop by tomorrow as I'm highlighting my favorite Aussie blogs and you're included.
    Happy Friday.

  6. It is so lovely to see folks still keen to 'go the extra yard' to make something truly special. The extra time and effort does pay off and I am very sure your wedding couples appreciate it very much!


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