Thursday, April 9, 2009

where has the week gone?

Dear friends, where has this week gone? Its thursday already. Goodness, our poor blog has been a bit unloved this week. We hope it hasn't taken it personally.

Its been a busy busy week here this week, lots of appointments with gorgeous couples getting married, lots of renovation work happening in our studio - we now have half a floor and some doors. It is also wonderful to have handles on our windows after all these months of trying to shut them without any mechanism to do so!

Our new press is arriving next wednesday, and we are so exited about this. Although of course, this does mean that all the half finished renovation jobs will need to be finished before the new press arrives. Argh, nothing like some pressure to get things rolling. We have affectionately named our new press Herbie, We cant wait to share photos of his beautiful industrialness with you soon.

In other news, after all the rains that have fallen here in Queensland over the last few weeks, the veggie patch has thrived. Our tomato bushes are now covered in fruit. I think we may be eating bruschetta for quite a few weeks yet. Now if only the passion fruits would kick into action as my Dad and I are having a competition about who can grow the most fruit first. I am terribly disappointed that he is winning thus far. All I can say is that in his new found retirement he must just have far too much time to go sing to his plants and give them the love they deserve!


  1. Dad might be winning in the passionfruit stakes, but he certainly doesn't have any plump healthy looking tomatoes like you do - I am very impressed!!!!

  2. i believe those passionfruits would be dying if dad is singing to them!

  3. Wow! Your blog is fabulous! I just discovered your blog and have to say that your photography is some of the finest I've seen on any blog, if not all the internet. May I ask, what kind of camera do you use?

    My aunt used to work for a little boutique design company that created the most amazing cards and invitations. I went to work with her one day and love it. Your cards are absolutely amazing!!

  4. How very exciting...a new press to add to your 'family'. Would you consider a demonstration day in your new studio so those, like me, who are fascinated with the art of letterpress can appreciate your dedication and talent? I would, of course, be happy to pay for the privilege! I can hardly wait to see what this new aquisition lovingly produces! Ingrid x

  5. Don't worry my passionfruit isn't growing either - not even a sign of a little passionfruit anywhere.
    But my tomatoes are growing like mad.
    Must be the weather in Brissie.

  6. Wow I am so impressed with your tomatoes – all my attempts have ended up with not so great results, and I don't think singing would help in my case either...


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