Sunday, April 26, 2009

its a nana kind of day

Today I had the absolute joy of attending my first ever Brisbane brown owls group. Oh my, what a gorgeous bunch of ladies.

The gorgeous Emily, was the most patient tutor and taught us all how to crochet granny squares - you know the sort your grandmas great aunts distant cousin crocheted for you when you were a wee muffin? Well my goodness, what respect I now have for the granny blanket. As my first ever crochet adventure, I must admit, I was terribly bad at it - terribly terribly bad in fact...

But nevermind, the ladies were gorgeous, their baking was fabulous, and really, at the end of the day, we all know its about the chatting... the crafting is just an added bonus!


  1. That sounds so great - I love the nanna blankets - there's so much love stitched into each one!

  2. Hi!
    It was great to meet you today, have been a lurker for a while. Are you going to give it a go and finish your square?

  3. How grand! Very envious of your Owl-y activity. Good luck with the crochet. You Tube has some awesome tutorials if you are a more visual learner.

    I keep my current project wool in my inside out bag as well! Funny.

  4. Looks so so fun. Waiting for another Brown Owls group to get started hopefully closer to me.

  5. Beautiful photo Alischa! I think I'm going to pull my granny square apart and make a doily. Now just have to find a tutorial for that... Great to see you yesterday!


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