Wednesday, April 15, 2009

look what arrived today...

Hello Hello Mr Herbie!

Our gorgeous new press has finally made it here into our studio today. And thats right, the first photo does show 1050kilos of metal suspended from a very little chain on a crane. Argh... such a scary moment...

But we are ever so thankfull for the amazing guys who relocated our press for us. Moving one of these beasts isn't any easy task (trust me, we moved Charlie, by ourselves, 14 hours from Canberra to Brisbane... it was mammoth adventure!). So we were ever so very thankful to Des and his assistant for moving Herbie for us today. Thankfully Herbie only had to travel 1.5 hours to his new home, but these beautiful old machines are not only heavy, but are also very fragile and are very precious to our hearts, so we were ever so glad to have professional press movers move Herbie for us today. Money so well spent!

He is such a gorgeous old machine... We have a tad of work to do on it, but shortly once he is up and running we will do a proper introduction here on our blog and show you all his gorgeous little nooks and crannys. We simply love its industrial sexiness... We really are not normal are we?

Oh and Charlie? He has now been moved to a prime spot under a window. We were worried that he might have taken the arrival of a new press personally, but thankfully, now that he has been relocated to the prime studio position he is a happy old man again. Phew, it could have got nasty...


  1. congratulations on the new addition!

  2. oh, man. I can't imagine how excited you must have been to see this new edition arrive.

    Wishing you many happy years of printing ahead!

  3. wow!! i can imagine how amazing that must be!!

  4. Oooh super exciting! I can't wait to see what you print on him!

  5. How exciting for you!
    What's the difference between them, do they print differently?

  6. Have fun learning your new printer!

  7. Oh wow! I get very excited about printing as it has been in my husband's family for years and my hubby has a big local printing company. So Heidelberg is a word used in our house daily! I just found your blog and will be following for sure :)

  8. "Herbie", "Charlie" - I love it, can't wait for the formal introductions..... If only I worked with such fine machinery to give them endearing names. But some how my computer and master tax guide, no matter how hard I try, really don't deserve cute little names... x

  9. i love your blog... it's delicious. thanks for the inspiration and lovely photos. cheers!


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