Saturday, April 11, 2009

an easter gift or two.

Happy easter my sweet friends! In the absence of any family up here in Brisbane, no children to buy chocolate for and my husband away for the weekend, its going to be a very unchocolaty easter here in the studio. Although not that I totally mind... after all I did manage to compensate with buying myself some little easter presents today!

After a meeting with a pair of new gorgeous wedding clients in their most delightfully renovated Queenslander in Paddington I stopped into the amazing treasure trove of Paddington Antique Centre. $5 later I own two of the most stunning antique glass bottles, which after a big wash and a trip to the florist, now house a collection of hydrangeas and lilies in the studio. Ahh bliss, who needs chocolate when you can have flowers!!!

Have a most lovely long weekend my sweets.


  1. Sending you chocolate wishes - we have enough choc eggs in our Canberra household to dip your house in chocolate! Sweet Easter to you.

  2. Sending you Chocolate kisses!!! I know how much you luvvvv chocolate... lash out and enjoy some today.
    Happy Easter to you and your gorgeous boy.

  3. Ooh can we see a photo of your glass bottles holding their flowers?
    Hope you are enjoying this Easter break.


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