Friday, January 14, 2011

to continue?

Whilst our home town suffers amongst the floods and the devastation it endures we sit here at the family farm in mid west NSW watching the news, hearing the terrible stories and remarkable stories of bravery. We admire our Premier for what a wonderful job she is doing and sit in shock watching our beloved Brisbane suffer. We feel so hopeless down here 13 hours drive away.

Many of the towns we drove through no more then a week ago are now suffering, under threat or now totally under water. How quickly everything can change.

Our heart also goes out to Victoria, Tasmania & Northern NSW who are also flood effected. It is all so very overwhelming.

Whilst we are down here so far away, it almost feels so wrong that life continues as normal. Other then to donate we are at a loss as to what to do {you too can donate here}.

So friends amongst the heartache for all those back home, the question I ask is do I still continue to blog of our country travels whilst so many we know suffer. It really doesn't seem right, or is a daily dose of normality one way to help and rebuild life back to what it was again?


  1. I have lost all my passion for blogging and all else at present. But we need to continue. If we all stopped then imagine what would happen..........I am going to have a little break I think and try and get my 'mojo' back somehow. Stay strong and thanks for your concerns. Although you are far away just this post is enough for some, to give them hope.

  2. I've been wrestling with this question this week too and have actually pulled some posts at the last minute.

    From what I can gather though people want to see the sort of loveliness that you are renowned for to lift their spirits - so share away I say.

    x Felicity

  3. Totally keep doing it! People need to remember that there is life beyond the water flowing through their houses... and hey, if you're able to bring a little sunshine in, that's a good thing. People go through crisises every day, most of the time you don't know about it, and reading some escapism helps us all get through.

  4. It is very hard for those of us who escaped damage and can't really do anything more to help - you feel so guilty for doing anything 'fun'.

    But on the other hand, it is good to read of some pleasant things, instead of constant heartbreaking stories.

    That probably doesn't help at all!

  5. Your pretty pictures are a little ray of sunshine that feeds the soul...mother nature is perhaps reminding us to breathe deeply and care for her. She may have left such a horrid, destructive path but if we treat her with respect...look at the rewards. Keep reminding us...

    Ingrid x

  6. Oh my, you have just summarized my thoughts. It just seems so frivolous to blog about pretty things, yet, as they say the show must go on and people crave normality.
    Not sure. Deb


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