Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ruby - I see you
Nigel - I see you too
Ruby - I've been watching you
Nigel - I've been watching you too
Ruby - You look funny
Nigel - You look like kind of strange too
Ruby - I am red dog
Nigel - And I am a red cow
Ruby - I have a white tail
Nigel - Me too
Ruby - Maybe we are related?
Nigel - I think we might be
Ruby - We should sniff each other
Nigel - Yes please
Ruby - Same place, same time tomorrow?
Nigel - See you then my friend.


  1. You do wonder don't you.

    Nigel looks particularly intent in this photo.

    Perhaps Ruby is staking her claim to you along the lines of:

    R - Hey You!
    N - Who Me?
    R - Yes you in the big snap-worthy legs.
    N - Mhmm
    R - You know my humans?
    N - Yes, they're very nice people.
    R - Well don't get any ideas, they're MY humans and if you think you can steal them away with those big brown eyes - think again.....I'll come in and snap those legs if you do anything sneaky.
    N - Right [turns his back on Ruby and heads for the comfort of the clump of grass under the big tree]
    R - Humph...I showed him! [Heads back to the house tail wagging and smile huge ready for a pat and an evening snack]

    x Felicity

  2. awwww very nice and the conversation is touching =)

  3. I think Miss Ruby T is thinking "well I never! Not just one bone - but a whole cow-full of bones! Pity Mum and Dad are watching..."


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