Tuesday, January 18, 2011

meet baroona

Introducing Baroona. This is the property which my parents bought last year. Located in the mid western region of New South Wales, its about 30 minutes from the closest town and about 20 minutes of that down a very rocky dirt road.

Built in 1897, or 1903 or 1911 we are not entirely sure, but one thing we do know is that it was built of local stone and in 1931 it was extended using stone from the old local school house. Thanks to a carving on the extended veranda, their is no confusion as to exactly when this happened!

Mum & Dad had been searching for a country property for some time. Growing up as children we had a family country farm which we visited year in and year out. It was the best part of our childhood and somewhere which we all now miss terribly. Now that they have retired a new (old) country property was on the agenda!

We think that they made a mighty fine choice - the house is gorgeous, views are just incredible and the peace and serenity is perfectly calm. No doubt future generations will love their farm adventures just as much as we did too.


  1. You're so lucky to have such a beautiful place to visit and stay in. Have a lovely time.

  2. A stunning property - one of those lovely country homes that we all dream of escaping too ...

  3. It looks so peaceful and full of good energy. Can imagine being there is like cotton wool for the soul!

    Enjoy and happy building of memories!

    x Charlotta


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