Monday, January 31, 2011

making donations

Hello friends again, just a quick email to let you know about two worthwhile causes worth donating to if you are able to do so. A-M a most lovely blogger here in Brisbane is rallying donations for two most unexpecting Brisbanites who were effected by the floods. You can read their stories and donate here and here.

To help do our little bit, we will be donating all profits from our shop sales this week. Our shop payments come through paypal and we will then redirect the payments straight through to A-M's paypal donation service.

Being back home we are so grateful that our house and studio is up north and spared from the floods. However our hearts go out to those less fortunate. Through small donations like the above we can all do our little bit to help Brisbane recover.

Talking of recovering, this morning whilst walking Ruby along our beach (although not much of a beach now with serious erosion and alot of muck around) we watched a great big crane lift out sections of the Brisbane floating walkway right off our beach. It had traveled all the way out of Brisbane, through Moreton Bay and dumped on our beach right here in Scarborough. It simply just blows my mind.


  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word, Alischa! Worthy causes... wonderful people... tragic circumstances. Think global, act loca....l as that is all we can really do!? Wish I could do more. A-M xx

  2. You are so sweet; I'll add this to my Shop The Flood post: xxx

  3. A-M is just the best. Thanks for supporting here cause!

  4. Yeah, I've been worried where all the debris will end up. It will be around for years, I fear. Your holiday looked nice though. I always look for dog-friendly places too.


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