Monday, August 15, 2011

thank you xox

Lovely friends thank you. Last week I was feeling very down, and without a doubt I was really over being heart broken in so many ways. Your beautiful emails, lovely comments, tweets and facebook messages really warmed my heart. How beautiful you all are.

Even little Ruby Tuesday had been feeling down. But over the weekend we took some time for some cuddles, and even a very small walk to the beach (our first in months). It did wonders for the soul.

Running Bespoke, printing letterpress and being the very best designers and printers we can possibly be, sure is an all consuming task. The last five printing years (and all those design years before that) really has been such a hard, expensive and tiring journey, but all your lovely messages reminded me, that you really can touch and feel the love and passion with which we print with. And at the end of the day, love is all that really matters.

Lately we have not shown much of our work as often we show it and then months later find the copies online elsewhere, but from now on, the new attitude is screw it, we have the law (and some great legal advice) on our side. So for those who want to copy us, try and steal our business, sneak behind our backs, or feign friendship, we really have had enough. Our consolidation is that if you have to copy creativity, then you quite clearly should not be in a creative business, and at the end of the day, there is only so far that faking it can take you.

It has been so hard not to get down by all the rubbish which was going on in the back ground of late, but your love, comforting words and support of our little letterpress studio by the sea really brightens my days again. So thank you so much, where would I be without all of you by my side.

So onwards and upwards, and back to getting inky again!



  1. Oh honey, I'm so glad to hear things are feeling better! Chin up and hopefully revenge (be it karmic, legal or otherwise) will be sweet!

  2. Here's to getting inky - and to things getting better - and to lots more puppy cuddles and walks to the beach (because there is nothing that lifts the soul more than that) :)

    I must say - those puppy dog eyes Miss Ruby is modelling put my furry children to shame!

  3. Keep designing and printing!!! I've been noticing more letterpress around, but in truth I've seen nothing that compares to the work you do.

    My one letterpress print is one of yours - "Yes, I dream of butterflies." It has pride of place in my small flat, in a place where I can see it most.

    So please do keep printing and also sharing your inspiring work. It has often placed a smile on my face to see it's beauty. I hope that it continues to put a smile on your face and that you can deal with any legal issues that come your way.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. That's a real shame that people are copying off your designs. There are other designers out there that have dreamt of owning a letterpress for years, and worked extremely hard to do so. I think it's important to network information in our small community, even just the hobby enthusiasts like me. I know I have contacted you in the past for advice, only out of respect for your knowledge. I don't think that everyone out there wants to steal! I think you are the cream of the crop, and stealing anyones designs is the highest form of disrespect, and like you said, not creative at all. We should all be able to trust each other, offer advice and share our inspirations. After all, It's for the love and passion of letterpress.

    Hope it all works out! There are a lot of people that stand behind you.


  5. People can copy, reproduce, re-print and try all they might - but they will never be able to print such beautiful designs so lovingly! My fiance and I are not getting married for a couple of years yet, but the second I stumbled across your blog, I knew we could stop looking for stationary designers/printers. I can't imagine how heart-breaking it must be to see your hours upon hours of love, blood, sweat and tears cheaply reproduced, but to the couples who have been lucky enough to send out Bespoke Press invitations and to the couples planning their dream day - nothing could replace the beautiful work that you do. Besides, I'll bet no one has a pup as gorgeous as Ruby Tuesday and patting her has a little something to do with my excitement to work with you! Chin up, you have loyal subjects :)


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