Thursday, August 25, 2011

a break

Hello friends, this is the last blog post from me a a few weeks. We are currently on route to Perth for a family function and in two more weeks time we have another function to attend in Sydney. With all the who-ha which has been happening around here of late, adorable Mr. H has booked a surprise Asian getaway (the above photo is a little hint) between our two commitments on other sides of the country to go relax, rest and take a much needed break. We will be back in the studio from the 12th of September.

Whilst we are away business as usual will continue at the studio. The wonderful Louise is in full production mode at the moment and the amazing Megan will be looking after all the admin and design side of the studio. You can pop her and email at our usual email address, I am sure she would love to say hello!

See you again soon sweet friends!


  1. That snapshot looks stunning! Have a lovely time and a well-deserved break!

  2. Lovely! Where on earth is this??


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